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Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology
8-2-249 Road Number 3, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034
November 8, 9 2014

The day we've been waiting for

Clear your calendar - It's going down! Hamfest 2014 kicks off on November 8th, and you're invited to take part in the festivities. Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology (8-2-249 Road Number 3) is our meeting spot for two days of radio fun and excitement!! Come one, come all, bring a guest, and hang loose. This is going to be epic!


  • Antenna farm with VHF and HF dipoles and yagis.
  • Free Irani Chai and biscuits on the house.
  • More than 10 sessions
  • VU2LCH club station at the venue
  • Competitions: Junkbox wars, Quiz, Fox Hunt
  • Workshops on CW, satellites, Arduino
  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • India's greatest flea market
  • Venue

    Welcome to Hyderabad! A city full of things to see and do!

    The festival venue is the famous Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology.
    One of the finest engineering colleges in the country.
    The building was originally the summer resort of the Nizam of Hyderabad.

    Explore the beautiful college campus.

    Driving directions : Ask your driver to take you to Road 3, Banjara Hills. You can't miss it once you are there!


    Here's a brief list of the last few registrations (updated every 24 hours):

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    November 8th
    Welcome & Registration
    Nov 8th, 8:30-9:30 am
    At the Reception

    Registrations open. Once you collect your badge and the kit, proceed to breakfast in the lawns.

    Nov 8th, 9:30-10:00 am

    A short and sweet inauguration. Hear all about the excellent sessions, flea market and exhibitors.

    Flea Market!
    Nov 8th, 10:00-10:30 am
    Main Hall

    Go around the exhibition, flea market, meet up with your friends!
    Be quick to buy all the good stuff! It's bound to disappear fast.

    Ham Radio in India
    Nov 8th, 10:30-12:30 am
    Hall A

    What are the problems facing us Indian hams. What can be done about them? Licensing, spectrum, WPC issues, import of equipment, etc. These are all the issues that we discuss in this session.

    Homebrewing - Analog
    Nov 8th, 10:30-12:30 pm
    Hall B

    Meet the famous homebrewers of India! Presentations on RM96, Minima, BITX, SOTAs, JOTA, Bhuji and more. Learn to homebrew and align your own low cost sets easily : from simple direction conversion to high performance general coverage radios! Learn about the kits available in India for beginners to advanced builders.

    Organized by VU2ESE (Ash) Farhan

    Junkbox Wars
    Nov 8th, 10:30-1:30 pm
    Main Hall

    Participate as a team of upto 5 people. Now, given a junkbox of simple standard components, what can you build within three hours? Exciting new equipment as prizes. Spot registrations.

    Organized by VU2PEP (Paddy)

    Open House
    Both days 10:30-5:30 pm
    Meeting Room

    Do you want to talk about something not covered in the sessions? Just book a slot at the Open House.

    Contact the reception to book your slot.

    Emergency Ops
    Nov 8th, 2:00-4:00pm
    Hall A

    Indian Hams have done excellent job in handling calamities. Listen to the experiences of emergencies by hams who have been there. Discuss equipment, bands, antennas, clearances, governmental support. What are the challengers and issues?

    Organized by VU3RSB (Sara)

    Homebrewing Digital
    Nov 8th, 2:00-4:00pm
    Hall B

    Homebrewing has gone digital! From Arduinos to high performance SDRs. Be upto date with Indian SDRs like the VU-berry, ANAN and Indian-SDR (display and demo). Learn to homebrew with Arduino a low cost credit card sized computer that can control all your radios and test gear. Learn about using SDR from the world beating ANAN set to the simplest of SDR designs.

    Organized by VU3ELR (Sasi)

    Ham Radio Quiz
    Nov 8th, 2:00-4:00pm
    Main Hall

    How well do you know your Q-codes? Country call signs? Who was India's first licensed ham? Attend this quiz to learn and win prizes. Spot registrations.

    Dxing and Expedition
    Nov 8th, 5:30-7:30pm
    Hall A

    Listen to the top grade Dxers and Dxpeditioners of the country. The hams who have organized and gone on Dxpeditions and won radio contests. How does one prepare, get permissions, pack and operate? What antennas, equipment is used? What are the challenges?

    Organized by VU3RSB, Sarath Babu 'Sara'

    Amateur Satellites
    Nov 8th, 5:30-7:30pm
    Hall B

    Working satellites is easy now. What is the minimum equipment needed to work the satellites? How are these satellites made? Listen to the hams who built and operated the Indian Hamsats. This is a demo session where you will see how easy it is to setup a satellite station and work these birds.

    Organized VU3TYG (Nitin), Amsat India

    Nov 8th, 7:30pm -
    Main Hall

    A new type of fox hunt that needs you to think on your feet! Bring your VHF handies and search for the treasure! Spot registrations for a team of three. Starts from the Main Hall.

    Organized VU2POP (Pratap)

    Antenna Workshop
    Nov 9th, 9:30-11:30am
    Hall A

    We all love building antennas! From large HF yagis to small VHF rubber ducks. This is a session that discusses all types of antennas from people who have built and used them. Practical advice and theory. Learn and share your antenna stories.

    Organized by VU2POP (Pratap), BARC

    November 9th
    Test and Measurements
    Nov 9th, 9:30-11:30am
    Hall B

    What is the best way to measure SWR, Impedance, RF Power? How can we tune our antennas properly? How to test a receiver or transmitter? Learn to build simple test equipment and use it properly.

    Organized by VU2ESE (Ash) Farhan, LARC

    CW Zone
    Nov 9th, 9:30-11:30am
    Meeting Hall

    Have you always wanted to ramp up your CW but never found the time? Now, Aravind is here to help you! In this short session, you will learn to start using a computer to quickly ramp up your CW speed within hours. We promise to get you started with CW in this session!

    Conducted by VU2ABS Aravind.

    Vintage Gear
    Nov 9th, 1:30-2:30pm
    Hall A

    Vintage gear, valve radios and old equipment! The classics like the HRO, BC-348 and Heathkits are some of the radios that we all treasure. This is a session is about finding, collecting, restoring vintage radios of yesteryears to perfect condition. Attend this to enjoy and pick up some expert tips on restoring old gear.

    Organized by VU2KNN (Rajan), LARC

    Repeaters and Echolink
    Nov 9th, 1:30-2:30pm
    Hall B

    Repeaters and Echolink have now created a global communication network. India now boasts of more than 30 repeaters. What are the issues and how are these repeaters doing? Share your experiences, technical, regulatory and other topics in building and operating repeaters. From applying for repeater license to tuning up the duplexers.

    Organized by VU3ELR (Sasi)

    Auction of Ham gear
    Nov 9th, 2:30-3:30pm
    Main Hall

    Do you have any ham gear that you want to sell? Or are you looking to buy a second hand rig? Come and bid in this auction. Auction will be conducted by VU2FI (Satyapal) the auction specialist of Hamfests!!!!

    Closing Ceremony
    Nov 9th, 3:30-4:30pm
    Main Hall

    The Hamfest' 14 will draw to a close with the bidding for the next hamfest.


    Hamfest'14 will feature many many interesting talks and workshops. These are some of the speakers

    Suggest a Speaker!

    Would you like to speak at any of the sessions or is there someone you'd like to hear at the Hamfest?
    Write to us at with your suggestion.

    VU2DED, Ajaya

    Ajaya has been an active experimenter and operator on digital and analog modes. He works at Prasar Bharati
    He will demonstate DRM and talk about Community Radio.

    VU2KNN, Rajan
    Prez - LARC

    One of the earliest SSB homebrewers, vintage gear restorer, great elmer. He is the president of LARC.
    He will speak on Indian regulations, homebrewing, vintage gear.

    VU2GMN, Gopal
    Prez - ARSI

    Gopal, well known to us all on the band for his work in promoting Ham Radio is the President of ARSI.
    He will deliver the keynote on Hams in India, our issues and challenges.

    VU2ESE, Farhan
    VP - LARC

    Designer of BITX, Minima, a well known homebrewer.
    He will speak on his new transceivers, easy homebrewing and testing.

    VU3RSB, Sara
    Treasurer - LARC

    Winner of President's medal for emergency work in Andamans. avid DXpeditioner, DXer, EmComm and contester.
    He will speak on EmComm, DXing, DXpeditions.


    Rahul is one of India's well known homebrewers. He has worked on the BITX and contributed to ANAN SDR.
    He will speak on high performance SDR, ANAN and analog homebrew.

    VU2DEV, Dev

    Dev is a famous, old-timer, homebrewer with many SDRs, analog radios, workshops to his credit.
    He will present his latest transceivers, kits and speak on homebrewing.


    Antenna expert, homebrewer, DXpeditioner, CW nut, elmer. Aravind is well known to us all.
    He will present his latest spiderbeam and other antennas and conduct the CW Zone to make us all CW experts!

    VU2POP, Pratap

    Pratap is an antenna expert, DXer, homebrewer, with extensive experience in VHF, repeaters and satellite working.
    He will conduct the antenna workshop, Fox hunt and speak on homebrew!

    Naidu, LARC

    Naidu, a medical doctor, is well known for his SDR work. His new transceiver VU-berry promises to bring cheap and high performance SDR to us all.
    He will present the new SDR - th VUBerry and talk on SDR in India.

    Sasi, LARC

    Sasi, active on HF & VHF, is an expert on setting up repeaters and echolinks. He is an avid homebrewer and elmer who has helped hundres of people homebrew their rigs and get on air.
    He will speak on SDR, repeaters and EchoLink.


    A major attraction of Hamfests is the exhibitors and the flea market!
    Hamfest'14 will have the largest gathering of exhibitors yet!

    Book your Table

    • Do you want to show off your homebrew?
    • Do you want to sell your personal rig?
    • Do you have junk to dispose off?

    Get a free table at the flea market!
    write to us at

    Book your Stall

    • Are you a dealer, manufacturer?
    • Do you have new rigs, equipment for sale?
    • Are a commercial venture?

    Limited exhibiton stalls are still available at Rs.5000 for 10' by 10'
    Book yours early. Write to us on

    Book your stall!
    mail us on

    Technocables Pvt. Ltd.

    Manufacturers of MIL grade radio cables. Grab your RG-58s, RG-174s and RG-213s here!

    GT Comm - Antennas

    Founded by VU2GT (George), George's antennas are well known for their ruggedness and performance. Buy yours here!

    VU2ABS - Hexbeam

    Hexbeam is a very light-weight, inexpensive multiband antenna with a yagi's performance. Book yours!

    VU2LB Used Equipment

    Lalith bhai is well known all over India for providing us with excellent used equipment. He will bring his latest collection to the Hamfest.

    MX Connectors

    MDR Electronics, the local distributors for MX connectors will sell all HF/VHF/UHF connectors, convertors, adapters.

    Modern Electronics Components

    Pick up your IRFs, transistors, crystals, tools. All your homebrewing needs from Hyderabad's most famous components shop.

    Ganesan VU3GEK : VHF and HF kits, components

    Ganesan's famous high performance kits as well as imported and difficult to get components.

    LARC : BITX kits, accesories

    LARC will be selling the famous BITX kits, etc. at a hamfest special price. Take one!

    Thyagu - VU2PTR

    Test equipment, RF amps, kits

    Vertel Infotel

    Handies and VHF sets.

    Galaxy Technocomm : LMR Cables

    The low-loss LMR cables, connectors are essential for repeaters, VHF and satellite work. Buy them cheap!

    HF Signals

    Buy Minima parts and kits for a general coverage HF transceiver


    Handies, cables, connectors!

    VU2OO Used Equipment

    Those who came for Gwalior hamfest will remember VU2OO's extensive junk and rigs.

    VU3GNL Sajugopal - Antennas

    Makers of high performance beam antennas for the HF.

    Sri Lakshmi Power Systems

    Sinewave Invertors, Batteries, Solar Arrays.


    The Hamefest 2014 souvenier is going to be a special, full of projects and useful information!

    Place a Strip Ad for Rs.550

    • Strip Ads are small three line messages at bottom of each page.
    • There will be only 100 Strip Ads in the souvenier.
    • The Strip Ads can be booked online for Rs.550 each. You may book as many as you want.

    Click here to book your Strip Ad »

    Submit your Article

    • We need your article, mail your article to in MS-Word format
    • The articles must about your own experiments, homebrew rigs or modifications to commercial radios.
    • You must send accompanying circuit diagrams and of the pictures of the construction too.
    • We may not be able to print all the submitted articles for various reasons. Please bear with us.


    Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club
    Executive Sponsor

    IEEE Hyderabad Chapter
    Technical Sponsor

    Muffakham Jah Colllege
    Venue Sponsor

    Organizing Team

    Dear Hams,

    Hamfest India 2014 was won by us thorugh a popular vote at the Gwalior Hamfest, 2013.

    We intend to do our very best for this festival

    • Focus on Antennas, DXing, Operating and homebrewing
    • 10 very interesting sessions by experts and well known hams.
    • A whole lot of side-attractions like Junkbox wars, Quiz, etc.
    • The Largest ever fleamarket and Exhibition of ham gear
    • Is there something that we are missing?

    - Team Hamfest India 2014

    VU2KNN, Rajan
    Chairman, Hamfest 2014

    VU2KNN, Rajan, President of LARC, brings his extensive organizational experience in guiding us through this festival of radio, technology and fun.

    VU2PEP, Paddy
    Secretary, Hamfest 2014

    VU2PEP, Paddy, Secretary of LARC, is well known on the bands as a homebrewer, mentor and DXer. He is the editor of the souvenir and a mentor to the Hamfest. He will also chair a few sessions.

    VU2ESE, Farhan
    Convener Hamfest 2014

    A well known homebrewer, entrprenuer, as the convener of the Hamfest, the buck stops with him.

    VU3RSB, Sara
    Co-convener - Finance

    A popular ham, Dxer and entreprenuer. As the treasurer of LARC, he is incharge of finances, and promotion of the festival.

    VU3ELR, Sasi
    Co-convener - Infrastructure

    Sasi, as the Joint-Secy of LARC is well known for being an elmer to hundreds of hams. He is in-charge of infrastructure and Administration.

    ~ ~ ~